June 21, 2024

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5 Warnings for Drivers That Their Car Needs New Brakes

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Car maintenance is the most essential job for taking care of dream car and brakes maintenance should be at your first priority. You need to check your brakes and its functions on regular basis, in order to avoid severe road hazards. You can keep an eye on brakes by looking at its parts or by observing some unusual voices. When your car shows some alarming signs whether it has drum brake systems or disc brake systems or both, immediately take your car to workshop or replace its defective parts. For your help I have enlisted 5 the most disturbing symptoms about the malfunctioning of car brakes

Car Stagger or Pulls to One Side

When your car pulls to one side once you hit the brake at stop sign, you need to change pads, and rotor or fluid of the brakes. Pads of the brakes may apply bumpy pressure on the rotor which pulls the car to one side. You need to change the fluid of the brakes along with pads and rotor

Car Vibrates while Applying Brakes

If your car vibrates while applying brakes, pads rotors or caliper need to be replaced immediately to elude dangerous circumstances.

Unusual Grinding…Clicking like Sounds

 When your car shows some kind of mysterious noises such as grinding, scraping and clicking especially upon braking or after braking, brakes need your serious attention. Scraping or grating sound occur when the gauge brawl against the rotor, ultimately indicate the replacement of pads. Moreover, your car may show some clicking sound every time when you tried to push or discharge brake pedals. These all awful sounds warn you to change your worn out pedals with new one.

Car Brakes show no Resistance or Response

When you apply brakes and its pedals show no response toward this action, car’s brakes system may have some kind of leakage such as air leakage in break hose or fluid leak in fluid reservoir. Fluid leak is the most common factor for non-resistant brakes pedals. You need to check master cylinder or fluid tank caps and change it as soon as possible

Anti-Lock Braking System indicates Warning Sign

While driving, car’s anti-lock braking system may fails to perform and show red light on your dashboard, you need to stop your journey and immediately fix it first.

Finally, frequent checkups of brakes are really important for all kind of vehicles. If you hear some furtive sounds while applying brakes or car brakes are eroded, you need not to be afraid, just find out affordable replacement of defective parts or buy virtually some disc and drums kits for your car brake system and enjoy a safe ride.