May 22, 2024

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Fine Deals for Proper Rome Airport Taxi Service

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When traveling, taxi driving is often associated with annoyance – our correspondents know how to sing a song. This time is Rome.Although the taxi rank is less than 300 meters from the apartment and there are always cars to be found, the taxi will only arrive after ten minutes. On the fee counter is red on black “10 dollars”. When asked about this fee, the taxi driver explains that he had to “calculate the journey time”. Finally, when asked about the ten dollars, he finally snorts: “Do you want to drive now or not and if not, then pay the ten dollar arrival and get out!”

  • The Rome airport taxi driver used his customer, whom he immediately understood to be a foreigner. But that’s just one of the negative surprises that can be experienced when using a taxi as a non-Italian in Rome. The Roman taxi experience starts at Fiumicino International Airport. As soon as one leaves the airport building, one is pressured by illegal taxi drivers to drive with them.
  • Of course, they promise “lowest prices”. But beware! Resist this temptation! After all, many a visitor to Rome had to pay outrageously high fees. Or he was on the way to the hotel somewhere before unloaded or even robbed. The regular taxis are on a stand – and prices have been fixed prices for some time.

Cheaper is the limousine service

For example, the journey from Fiumicino to the historic center and vice versa costs 48 dollars, luggage included. The price for the Ciampino charter airport is calculated at 30 dollars. It is cheaper, however, if you use a limousine service for the trip to the airport. For example, the one of Francesca, phone number from Rome: 380/1 47 10 23. Then the journey is to have in brand-new cars of the S-Class and with drivers in black suits for 40 dollars. Francesca and her staff, as well as the drivers of other providers, are punctual and reliable compared to taxis.

  • For some time, there is only taxi shortage in Rome when it rains heavily. It is so rare. Otherwise, you will quickly find a car especially on streets and squares. As a rule of thumb, the younger the driver, the friendlier he is. The older is the driver, the grumpier and unfriendly. It is above all the older drivers, who are unfamiliar in the city, like to lead by the nose or more precisely: drive around. Then rides are extra-long and extra expensive. In addition to public transport, which are usually overcrowded in the historic center and, as timetables do not exist, appear on good luck, it is recommended to use the taxi.

All taxis have charge counters, and the tourist center is not large, so driving is not expensive. It only becomes costly if you get stuck in traffic. And that is always the case when public transport is under way and all Romans use their cars. In the hotel you should therefore ask, if a strike is pending. In this case, it is worthwhile to go on foot.