July 22, 2024

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What to Expect With Your Rotator Cuff Surgery at Middletown Hospital

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If you have a torn rotator cuff, then you are familiar with the aching pain that is associated with this type of injury. You may have difficulty lifting your arm or doing ordinary tasks. People who engage in sports or are very physically active are more prone to this type of condition. Rotator cuff injuries occur when tendons around the shoulder area tear. This results in a damaged rotator cuff. Rotator cuff surgery at Middletown Hospital is often the only solution to this painful situation, especially if the area is completely torn. If you are scheduled for shoulder surgery you probably wonder what to expect. To help prepare you for your upcoming rotator cuff surgery at Middletown Hospital, here is information about this surgery.

There are 3 types of rotator cuff surgeries:

Open repair

Just as the name suggested, this surgery involves opening the site area and carefully moving the deltoid muscle over so that the repair can be done.


The surgeon makes a small incision in the shoulder area, then uses a tool called an arthroscope. This scope has a video camera attached on the end so the physician can work without making a larger opening. A couple more incisions are made in order to do the repair work.

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Mini-open repair

Your Middletown Hospital surgeon combines both the open repair and arthroscopy procedures to mend the damaged rotator cuff.

No matter what type of surgery you get, the surgeon’s main goal is to repair the tendons. This is accomplished by attaching the tendon back to the bone. Sometimes the physician uses small rivets, which are suture anchors, to aid in the reattachment process. The sutures dissolve over time so they don’t have to be removed. They consist of a metal material. The last step involves stitching the site. The stitches “are attached to the anchors, which tie the tendon back to the bone.” Finally, the surgeon closes up the site and applies a wound dressing.

What to expect after surgery

When surgery is completed, most patients are allowed to go home, especially if the patient had arthroscopic repair. You will need to wear a protective sling for several weeks after surgery. However, your doctor may advise that you move certain parts of your lower arm (wrist, hand, elbow) to keep the blood flowing.

Shoulder surgery provides people with much need relief from the pain of a torn rotator cuff. At Middletown Hospital, you can be assured that experts in the field handle your surgery. For further details about this procedure, please contact us today.