May 22, 2024

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Documents required for dgft IE Code Registration in India

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Importer Exporter Code, popularly known as the IEC code, is a unique code issued to companies established in India, by Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Without the IEC a person or a company cannot import or export anything. IEC is a special code given to the importers and exporters in India in order to facilitate trade within the country and outside the country. In order to get IEC, the applicant may file the application online. However, this just an option the applicant has, the applicant may still apply at the Regional Authority of Directorate General Foreign Trade.

There are a few mandatory requirements that are necessary for applying dgft IE Code Registration in India, they are as follows,

  1.    PAN number – Permanent Account Number is a 10 digit unique number given to the individuals and companies for tax assessment purposes.
  2.    Current Bank Account – An account at any nationalized or non-nationalized bank is a must.
  3.    Banker Certificate – This is a certificate issued by the Bank in which the applicant as an account. This is to certify that the applicant is maintaining a savings bank account/ current account, whichever is applicable.

These are some of the basic requirements that are necessary to apply for dgft IE Code Registration Online India. The documents that are to be submitted successfully for import export code application online India are as follows,

  1.    Covering letter – On the company’s letterhead, a covering letter is to be issued by the company requesting to grant an IEC number.
  2.    Aayaat Niryaat form – The applicant should fill the Aayaat Niryaat form, which is available for downloading at the DGFT official website. 2 copies of the above-mentioned form should be submitted at the Regional DGFT office. Each page of the application form must be duly signed by the applicant without fail. If an application is made online, then the physical application copy must reach the Regional DGFT within 15 days from the online submission.
  3.    Receipt of payment – A receipt of payment of Rs.250.00 is to be attached with the application form. If the payment is made through Demand Draft, then the original DD is also to be submitted along with the application form. In case if the payment is made online then the receipt of such a payment made is to be sent along with the copies application form.
  4.    Banker Certificate – The original banker certificate is be attached along with the application form.
  5.    PAN Card copies – 2 copies of self-attested Xerox copies of PAN card is to be attached along with the application form.
  6.    Photographs – 2 copies of photographs of the applicant duly attested by the Banker of the applicant is to be sent by the applicant.
  7.    Self-addressed envelop – Self-addressed envelop along with DD of Rs.25 postal stamp for the delivery or with DD of Rs.100 for speed post of IEC certificate is to be attached along with the application form.

These are the documents that mandatory for applying for the import export code application online India. At times the procedural aspects involved in the process of application for IEC might seem to be slightly difficult. Such difficulties could be overcome by taking the services of a law firm such as Company Vakil, which specializes in Importer Exporter Code Registrations.