July 20, 2024

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6 Health Benefits Of Gardening

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Having a garden to grow and take care of, whether it is in your backyard or community, has many benefits. These benefits include having a beautiful environment full of flowers or producing your vegetables and fruits for consumption which will provide nourishment for you and your family.

Some individuals find it hard to maintain their gardens because of busy schedules, so they opt to hire the help of a reliable professional, like gardener Randwick by Amico,  to assist them. For those who have ample time and can add gardening to their schedule, there are many health benefits that they can reap. Below are six health benefits when you get your nails under the dirt and grow your garden.

  1. Boosts Your Mood

Gardening can help ease your mood by reducing anxiety, anger, and depression. Some studies also prove that it increases the feeling of happiness and can fight stress better than other leisure activities like reading. Also, it is also a form of aerobic exercise that makes you engrossed in your task, so you won’t realize how much physical effort you are putting. The constant reaching for various tools, pulling of weeds, twisting of your body and bending of knees to reach the ground will help build healthy muscles and strengthen your stamina and stability.

  1. Helps Lose Weight

Since gardening requires rigorous physical work, your body will be burning calories and help you lose weight in the long run. Most people who do gardening are less likely to be overweight or obese. Studies show that it helps a person burn at least 300 calories an hour. By growing vegetables and flowers, you will not only beautify your garden and produce healthy food, but you will also keep your body weight and health in check. However, try not to overdo it and overwork yourself to avoid muscles pains and other physical strains. For such cases, you can always hire gardening and lawn mowing services Sydney from Amico who can help you maintain your garden using their expert knowledge and skills.

  1. Increases Creativity

Adding plants in your environment, such as inside your rooms, offices and even in classrooms, can increase both productivity and creativity in a person. Also, a daily dose of gardening also lowers the risk of dementia by thirty-six percent according to some studies. So place a plant in your environment and watch your mind’s imagination grow.

  1. Makes You More Active

Try trading your treadmills and dumbbells for gardening. Gardening is a rigorous activity that requires lots of physical work such as raking, weeding, mulching harvesting, watering, and hoeing. It is a great way to get a whole body exercise for all ages.

  1. Encourages Healthy Eating

Since you will be growing your fruits and vegetables, it also encourages you to eat your produce. After weeks and months of hard work, the best way t reward yourself is through tasting the fruits of your labor. Even kids who are picky eaters eat more greens when a garden is implemented in their home or school. Homegrown produce is not only tastier than those found in supermarkets, but it is also healthier and richer in nutrients because it is grown without fertilizers or preservatives.

  1. Exposes Your Skin To Vitamin D 

Sunlight has vitamin D which is good for the body because it increases calcium levels. It helps make both your bones and immune system healthier. While tending to your gardens, you will get the opportunity to receive adequate vitamin D for your body. However, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from too much exposure.

Final Word

Overall, gardening helps improve your physical, mental and social health. Start squeezing gardening into your schedule or trade it to some of your lazy movie days and feel your health improve in the long run.