July 22, 2024

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5 Easy and Cheap Car Upgrades Every Driver Should Consider

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You can drop mind-boggling sums of money on car upgrades and mods. Unfortunately, as many people learn the hard and expensive way, not every upgrade or mod delivers genuine performance improvement.

Stick-on hood vents are a great example. They offer exactly no performance improvements and, to anyone in the know, make the car look a little silly. The worst part is that you could have spent that money on useful, cheap car upgrades.

If you’re looking for ways you can upgrade your car without cleaning out your savings account, keep reading. We’ll cover five upgrades that offer better performance at a cost that won’t make you cry inside.

  1. Regular Maintenance

It’s not the most dynamic option, but regular maintenance schedules exist for a reason. That regular maintenance will do more to keep your car performing at optimal levels than almost anything else you can do for your vehicle. Even better, most regular maintenance comes with relatively fixed and low-cost price tags.

  1. Audio System Upgrades

Unless you bought a really nice car to begin with, odds are good that the audio system in your car is only so-so. That makes car audio upgrades some of the best car upgrades you can get.

You can replace the receiver itself and put in more or better speakers at a pretty reasonable price point. Want more car audio tips? You can find out more here.

  1. Short Throw Shifter

Ever bang your hand into your car radio during a fast shift moment. That’s because the angle and length of the shifter are such that it only works right if you shift slowly. A short throw shifter lowers the shifter knob and changes the angle a bit.

That adjustment spare you scraped knuckles and unintentional radio station changes.

  1. Better Quality Brake Pads

Brake pads depend on friction to slow and stop your car. That means they will wear out periodically. Since they’re crucial for safety, you know you’ll replace them.

That doesn’t mean you must go for the cheapest option available. Spring for better quality brake pads. You’ll typically see better braking performance and longer overall brake pad life.

  1. New Steering Rack Bushings

Your standard steering rack bushings are rubber, which flexes and degrades over time. That reduces the overall steering performance of your vehicle. There is a simple, cost-effective solution for this problem: polyurethane bushings.

These bushings limit flex and don’t degrade as quickly.

Getting the Most Out of Cheap Car Upgrades

Getting the most out of cheap car upgrades means focusing on essential functions first. Before worrying about whether you need a boost shifter, make sure you get your regular maintenance done. Upgrade the brake pads since they provide you with a safer car.

Then move on to things that offer less crucial improvements, like steering rack bushing upgrades. Those bushings might make for a slightly more enjoyable driving experience, but the improvement is minor compared with regular oil changes and brake pads.

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