July 20, 2024

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Why Telugu People preferring OTT platforms now a days

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Theatres close helped much to OTT platforms

The generations will transform with a revolution in society.  It’s may in terms of technical, styling or anything based on the demand and situations comes into place in the society. The latest OTT (Over The Top) platforms also came, as the situation demanded and became a revolution in the entertainment field.

The situation of closing the theatres due to Covid 19 lockdown since a few months, the people started to look forward to another alternate platform for the theatres during Covid 19 lockdown. The circumstances helped to grow the OTT platforms for providing movies on demand for audiences at Home.

Many options to select the movies to watch..

The OTT platforms grew their business in the Telugu states much higher. The percentage of people increasing day by day watching Telugu movies at their homes in their free time. The OTT Telugu platform like aha provided a huge collection of movies in all the genres.

It is having mythological, science fiction, thriller, love, romantic, etc genre masterpieces, which should not be missed in life. Also OTT platforms produce wonderful web series. This is also an interesting fact to attract an audience for subscribing to the OTT platforms to get entertainment in their life.

Facility to watch the movies, which should not be missed in life..

Another reason to prefer the audience OTT platform is there are many options to get entertainment at home. The OTT platforms facilitate getting watched masterpieces, which the generation has not experienced and which are evergreen in terms of technical values, story and screenplay and which never feel bore. The OTT platforms have collected wonderful Telugu movies since black and white generation to till date.

Children special movies, cartoon epics..

The audience prefers OTT platforms, to engage their children with epic cartoons, animation movies like ChotaBheem series, Mighty Raju series, etc.  The animated movies come with mythological fictional stories, which will be helpful to the children to know about the historical characters and morals in the history, without reading books to get familiarity with history. So, the parents prefer OTT platforms to engage their children with OTT platforms with the animated masterpieces.

The facility to get entertainment in free time..

The audience also prefers the OTT platforms, as the platforms provide a huge collection of different genres of movies, web series, etc to watch anywhere, any time. The facility will help much to the audience to get relief from the bore, stress and frustration, which experience everybody in day to day routine professional and personal lives. Especially, private employees prefer OTT platforms for these reasons.

Exclusive releases of movies and web series..

The reasons behind people preferring OTT platforms are many more.. The other reason is, the OTT platforms may release exclusive Telugu movies, as Penguin, V the movie and Nishabdam were already released exclusively through OTT platforms. The audience understood that the OTT platforms may play a key role in the entertainment sector, it may give wonderful entertainment with web series, exclusive movie releases and collection of wonderful masterpieces. So, most of the audience prefer OTT platforms like Aha to watch Telugu movies and web series exclusively.

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