June 21, 2024

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Which Franking Machine Would Suit Your Operation?

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Smart franked mail services from Royal Mail ensure that your business no longer relies on stamps or franking technology which has been superseded. Your post can be processed on the premises and the need to queue at the Post Office is removed.

The newest models of franking machines are smart technology enabled and are competitively priced.

When franking machines meet eligibility requirements for Royal Mail’s Mailmark scheme which delivers the best services and tools with the lowest franking tariff, the savings in time and resources are noticeable and beneficial. Even a small company that sends 5-10 items per day should see an improvement in operations and overheads.

  • A 1st class small letter stamp currently costs 65 pence but with Mailmark the cost of postage is just 55 pence.
  • Franking machines calculate the correct postage fee every time.
  • Items are treated as business mail; the transit is normally swifter than via mainstream channels.
  • Over £70 million has been invested by Royal Mail on smart technology solutions.
  • They offer financial incentives via Mailmark and VAT reclaim opportunities.
  • Enjoy comprehensive reporting tools, 2D readable barcodes and online dashboard management.
  • Add unique messages or logos to mail via franking machines.

Contact a leading franking machines supplier

Discussing your needs with an experienced, professional franking machines supplier like IMS Franking is the first step towards positive change. Mailmark compliant franking machines are suitable for various levels of usage and you have the flexibility to choose franking machine hire or purchase.

Lease franking machines are more popular with clients than the purchase option because clients can budget and spread the cost of the franking machine hire, supplies and credit across the year rather than making a one-off purchase of £1000 or more.

If you lease a Pitney Bowes franking machine at £19.99 per month, this costs less than £240 per annum and you’ll have resources that 1.5 million businesses already enjoy from a market leader with over 90 years of history. Plus, the supplier is on hand to help.

Lease franking machines examples


  • Low-medium volumes.
  • Processes up to 95 items/minute.
  • QWERTY keyboard.
  • Mailmark compliant.
  • 5kg weighing platform.
  • Envelope sealer.
  • Date stamp for incoming mail.
  • 25 cost centres.
  • Online account management.

Sendpro 1000

  • Medium-high volumes.
  • Processes up to 180 items/minute.
  • 15” Colour touchscreen operation.
  • Mailmark compliant.
  • 7kg weighing platform with 35kg optional.
  • 1200 dpi colour printing.
  • 1000 cost centres, 3000 optional.
  • Online account management.

SendPro 3000

  • High mail volumes.
  • Processes up to 310 items per minute.
  • 15” Colour touchscreen operation.
  • Weigh on the way.
  • Dimensions on the way.
  • 7kg weighing platform, 35kg optional.
  • Colour printing.
  • 1200 dpi print quality.
  • 1000 cost centres, 3000 optional.
  • Online account management.

High volume users could also be eligible for Business Mail. This a licensed Royal Mail service which rewards the customer for attention to detail and address accuracy. The easier that the mail is for them to process, the greater the discount possible, up to 20%.

Investigate your franked mail services options with a Royal Mail partner like IMS Franking today.