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Which brokers are rated as the best now?

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To know the answer for sure, there are some important aspects should be considered such as trading condition, trading cost, support policy, account types… These factors are the major matters that affect your trading. Therefore have a thoughtful review of these things is the wise step before you decide your own trading investment.

How much the best forex brokers should charge?

This answer for the question is specially cared by traders. Among the greatest brokers, Exness seems to be the most interesting offer on both commission and spread. In comparison with other big brokers, Exness holds the lowest rate:

– Exness and Hotforex: 1.1 pip

– XM and FXTM: 1.7 pip

These spread numbers are for EURUSD pair in particular.

How about the commission? It is the fact that commission fee is zero for all the regular accounts belonging to most of the brokers, so let’s check the top 5 ECN brokers’ commission to see which one is the lowest. The reason ECN account costs commission charge because they ask for no spread at all so commission is supposed to be the only income. Exness is the lowest brokers on this matter with 2.5$ charged for one lot completed.

The proper licenses

To show the credibility about the trading condition, trading standard and reputation, licenses are the best evidence that brokers can have. The proper way to own a license is that broker should have the license of the area they do their business in, for example, Asian brokers should own Asian licenses and it is the same with UK and US brokers. Generally, it is not necessary to have licenses from other places than the areas brokers have their major of the clients there. Also, the number of licenses is the factors to decide the trading cost. More licenses mean more cost to pay, more deposit to make but less help tool and leverage… Each brokers should choose only one of the trustful licenses such as ASIC, CySEC, FSA, CFTC, NFA, NFA.

Brokers having the best support system

Why supporting is important to traders? That is because not all the big brokers have the best helping tool because of the different languages and the frequency of the interaction. Exness has the best solution for these common issues. They have the service locally and open them 24/4 so that every problem of traders can be listened very quickly. Moreover, the try to connect IB system around the world and make them integrated strongly. Having the supporting system upgraded, FxPro, FBS, XM are the best brokers in Thailand.

What account best forex brokers provide?

When mentioning the accounts, traders also think of the deposit they have to make for opening an account. Mostly, they like the account opened with small deposit and put aside the high requirement for deposit like FACT (2000$) and Forex.com (500$). Exness can be mentioned as the most amazing forex brokers about the minimum deposit. They do not give any certain number for the minimum deposit at all, or FBS also just requires 1$ for deposit and Hotforex with 5$.

Best forex brokers 2018 with high leverage

As I have said above, more license owners can offer high leverage because of the license fees that they have to pay. Therefore, Japanese, UK and US brokers are not the brokers that can give the huge level for leverage. On the other hand, Exness, FBS, HotForex and XM are also the large brokers and they still give the high leverage rate. For example, Exness instructs their leverage depending on two classes of accounts. The first one with under 1000$ in the account and has been traded for 5 times will be awarded the unlimited leverage rate. The second one with more than 1000$ in the fund can be traded with the leverage of a huge number, at 1:2000.