July 22, 2024

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What To Know About The Different Models Of Rugs

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To understand which rug will suit your home, you need to define your needs and, based on that, which one will be the best in the chosen room.

Shaggy Carpet

Do you know that most delicate and cute model of commercial entry mats? With a soft, plush surface to the touch, this is the well-known Shaggy rug model. With a high coat with synthetic or natural fiber fabric, this model is a rug that will bring a special touch to the model and is very beautiful for living rooms and bedrooms due to the cozy air it provides. Note: As it is a carpet that accumulates much more dirt, it is not recommended if you have animals that shed many furs; however, if you choose daily cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, it can solve the problem.

Aubusson Carpet

The Aubusson rug is an ideal model to bring a classic and sophisticated air to your home, with many designs in the floral or geometric main; this model tends to be colorful and has no hair, which can be ideal if you have animals at home due to easy effectiveness for cleaning.

Persian Carpet

The Persian rug model is another classic that always looks beautiful in environments, with a solid cultural charge. This rug is generally made with cotton, silk, or wool. In addition, it manages to bring comfort and warmth to the environment, keeping a colorful and wonderful place.

Natural Fiber Mat Or Sisal

The fiber mat model is another model that brings nature with it, made from the leaves’ fiber and, in general, manually. This rug gives the environment a more rustic look and is suitable for balconies, the kitchen, or the dining room.

Round Mat

The round rug is excellent for your dining room, with a round design and easily adaptable regardless of the material; this rug style goes mainly with round tables.

Leather Rugs

Rugs in natural or synthetic leather can come with different size variations besides exclusive pieces that break the organization pattern, thus being unique and bringing style to your environment and being advantageous in terms of ease of cleaning and high durability.