June 21, 2024

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The Symbolism and Traditional Significance of Wearing Pearls

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Pearl hunting is as old as human civilisation. Ancient Indian rulers were prosperous with the pearls from the Gulf of Mannar. Persian Gulf and Red Sea were the other regions of pearl hunting in the Indian Ocean. The Chinese hunted across the South China Sea and the Spanish Conquistadors dived the areas of Cubagua and Margarita.

Wild pearls are hard to find and, in those times, it was very risky too. Pearls were restricted to royalty. There were European laws which decree that pearls could be worn only by the aristocracy. Even to this day, pearls come with an aura of exclusivity and class. Modern women have more resources and venues to make pearls part of their jewelry set.

Pearls have always been a symbol of love, hope, purity and luck. Every bride would be ecstatic to have pearls in her bridal wardrobe. It could be a sensuous choker or tiara or bracelets or earring or her dress itself. Pearls give a heavenly polished look for the bride. Also, our romantic belief system has entwined eternal true love with pearls. It portends a prosperous and happy marriage.

In ancient Greece, pearls were associated with Goddess Aphrodite, who is the Goddess of love, marriage and beauty. In ancient Rome, pearls were presented to the Goddess Venus, who is a beacon of love. During the Victorian ages, pearls have been associated with purity and chastity. Therefore, the young girls were encouraged to wear pearls in their coming out as debutante.

Ancient Indian and Chinese Medicines used the medicinal properties of powdered pearls, to heal stomach and mental ailments. There is a lot more to learn more about its use in other medicinal compositions. Practicing Buddhists believe that, wearing pearls calms the mind and nerves. Thus, it keeps us away from illness and bad luck.

These days’ pearls are chosen more than diamonds and other gemstones. Its cost is high. However, we see there is a phenomenal technological advancement in the pearl-culturing industry. This has ensured that modern women can own pearls, to suit their style and purse and also, be part of a higher class.