July 22, 2024

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Tekmetric, the auto repair software that brings bold ideas to the table

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Tekmetric is a business progress-focused automotive repair shop operations management software. This software targets to improve business profitability by maximizing on its efficiency. This auto repair software will help business owners in this sector enhance their overall productivity. The software encompasses all the functionality that might be useful for an auto shop making it a very comprehensive solution. Additionally, the software works great with other featured integrations like MOTOR, PARTSTECH, and CARFAX which are regularly used in this sector. Currently, you can request for a free usage access from the official website. The software goes on sale early next year when the free usage period ends. You, as an auto shop owner, will also be able to get a lucrative discount on your purchase then, if you have been on the free usage program this year.

Limitless possibilities

This auto repair software brings a lot of bold ideas to the table to benefit business owners and improve customer experience. Most of these bold ideas incorporated into Tekmetric had never been utilized before in auto shop management. Now, business owners like you can enjoy limitless possibilities in shop management thanks to the incorporation of these bold ideas. These infinite possibilities include:

Repair orders – You can create as many repair orders and their estimates as you want using Tekmetric. All of these repair orders and their estimates can effortlessly be tracked on the job board.

Appointments – Tekmetric enables you to schedule your customer appointments easily. Additionally, you get the option of also planning upcoming events like discount offer days. All of this is synced to your calendar, and you can set reminders for them.

Inventory – Using this auto repair software, you will be able to manage your inventory effortlessly. The software allows you to save all your OEM parts in a single place. This will help you know when stocks are about to run out so that you can order more.

Tire management – This auto shop management software enables you to add specific tire details to your inventory. Additionally, you can preset a tire tax matrix and also set a disposal fee for any job.

Customers – Through Tekmetric, you can create comprehensive profiles for your customers. This profile will detail a customer’s repair history and orders. You can use this history to award loyalty discounts and also schedule appointments.

Canned jobs – Tekmetric gives you the option to come up with custom maintenance services for your shop. This gives you the ability to quickly repeat canned jobs which saves a lot of time and also improves efficiency.

Reporting – Using Tekmetric, you will get regular report updates on the performance of your shop. You can set the program to receive the reports on intervals that suite you. You can receive reports on the following matters – gross sales, profitability, technician hours, any many more.

DVI inspections – This revolutionary software features a built-in Digital Vehicles Inspection program. This program allows you to create your custom inspection. Furthermore, the software will enable you to document vehicle findings. You can also easily attach photos to the inspection findings.

Parts matrix – The Tekmetric auto repair software allows you to configure an unlimited number of parts matrices for your shop. These matrices can be useful to you when it comes to making estimates for parts pricing.

Messaging – This software allows an auto shop to send to its client’s repair order statuses via SMS or email. You can easily send single or bulk messages. Additionally, you can utilize the feature to send promotional messages, estimates, and invoices.

Customizable rates – Tekmetric allows you to configure custom rates for each job easily. This will save you a lot of time and improve your staff’s efficiency.