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Step by step guide for cleaning your dryer

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In America, people prefer calling professionals in order to clean their dryers as it is a complex and time consuming task. Professionals are a better option in this case due to the fact that they have proper knowledge and equipments that are required for dryers and they can clean it properly without damaging it in anyway. There are a lot of professionals that offer services like dryer repair Los Angeles and they can help you to clean your dryers without any issues.

The following is a step by step guide that will help you to properly clean your dryer.

  • Pull the dryer drum

The first step is to pull out the dryer chamber from the machine until you have the access to the vent ducts. Now, unscrew the clamps that are present there and check if there is any visible damage in the vents.

  • Clean the vents

Now, that you have access to vents, check if there are any clogs inside it. If you find one, clean it properly and then remove the vent.

  • Vacuum the area

Wipe all the visible dirt and impurities properly and make sure that the insides are properly wiped and dry. Now, vacuum the area properly and make sure that you don’t ignore any area that can be reached properly.

  • Check the exterior vents

Now, check the exterior vent and make sure that there is no blockage in it. If you find a blockage, use proper equipments to clear it out and then vacuum the vent to collect the clog. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the vents as it can cause performance issues in the dryer.

  • Reconnect everything

Now, reconnect all the connections and put the dryer drum back in its place. Wipe the dryer chamber properly and then close the dryer properly and your work is done.