July 22, 2024

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Seven Quick Tips for Cancer Crowdfunding Campaigners

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Medical science has found cures to hundreds of illnesses that have plagued human beings for thousands of years. Polio too has been limited and major leeway has been made towards fighting malaria and dengue.

 Cancer simply put, is a malignancy in cells of the body. This means that the cells in that area of the body are multiplying abnormally, Cancer can spread from one area of the body to another. ,

Medical science has come up with certain treatments to contain the spread of cancer. Some cancers have been made completely curable and various other cancers can be cured if detection is early. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have both resulted in improved life expectancies of patients suffering from cancer.

However, all cancer treatment is by default, very expensive. This means that cancer treatment is very inaccessible to most people in our underdeveloped country. Crowdfunding provides us with a way to improve accessibility to cancer treatment.

If you have the illness, cancer crowdfunding is the solution. All you have to do is to start a fundraiser on a crowdfunding site. There are various ways in which you can do medical fundraising, here are some listed:

What are some quick ways to boost your crowdfunding for cancer campaign?

  1. Make sure that your base is secured. This means writing a great fundraiser. Your fundraiser should be lucid and identifiable. It should portray you as an honest and genuine person. Remember that credibility is really important when it comes to crowdfunding. People do not want to donate to someone who does not have very clean credentials.
  2. How do you demonstrate that you are credible? Well, to begin with post pictures of medical documents. This includes prescriptions, reports, diagnosis, medical bills and everything else. Moreover, post pictures of the patient you are campaigning for. This gives flesh and blood to your campaign.
  3. Campaigning alone is very difficult, especially in cases of medical crowdfunding where you may be busy taking care of the patient. Hence, you should always work with a team to back you up. Include people you trust in this team. Remember that they will keep track of the campaign from day to day. Moreover, they will also handle your financial operations. These people should be efficient and trustworthy.
  4. There are various people who have suffered from cancer and have survived. They have been cured of the disease. Many of these people are fairly well- to- do and hence in a good place to donate to your campaign. Contact as many cancer survivors as possible. It would be a great boost for your campaign.
  5. If you think that only one fundraiser is not enough, you can start a number of fundraisers by different people targeted at the same cause. This gives you better visibility. If you start five fundraisers instead of one, chances of people viewing and donating to your fundraiser increases by five times. This is especially true for those fundraisers which circulate on social media.
  6. Remember to keep all your contributors in a loop. This creates a financial support network for you. It enables you to have a set of go- to- people in case you need more funds. It is also healthy crowdfunding practice.
  7. Remember to promote your campaign on social media. People will not give you money without a strong campaign. Release your fundraiser, photos and videos are important too. Make sure that your campaign gets the maximum amount of visibility you can give it.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are other ways of raising money for cancer crowdfunding too. However, this is a framework that gives you a guideline. You can use your own innovation to make up other ways.