April 18, 2024

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Learn Tantric Massage Best at tantric London

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In Tantra Massage, there is a lot to learn about. Basically, it is a sensual massage that uses touch to awaken or make you feel more conscious.

Isn’t it interesting? To be honest, Tantra Massage at tantric London can be very powerful and mind-blowing when it’s done right. You now know what Tantra Massage is and isn’t. Let’s take a closer look at the universe now that you know more about what it is.

To give a Tantra massage, there are five steps:

Step 1: Do Research

Nobody needs to be a follower of an Indian guru in order to start. You may not want to be there. That is, the idea of Tantra may be scary. That’s OK. There are a lot of different ways to learn about Tantra. You or your partner should read How to Introduce Your Partner to Tantra.

Even though you don’t need to go to a Tantra Massage school to start, having some knowledge will help you get going.

Step 2: Making the Scene.

The second thing to do before having a Tantra Massage is to make the person feel good.

Getting a massage in fluorescent lighting? As you might have guessed, not very sexy. We want to build a “Massage Temple.”

People outside should not bother you. In this case, your mother and housekeeper won’t come to your house every day. If you want to make the room look pretty, you can also use floral smells or incense to do it.

Step 3: Preening for God.

In Tantra Massage, foreplay is mostly about paying attention. Awareness leads to breathing.

Making Tantra Massage for your partner is like cooking for him or her. Gather all of the ingredients, carefully add them in, and taste the dish from time to time to make sure it’s right for you. The idea is to spoon feed your spouse a meal that you made with love.

You need to stay present during a tantric massage and pay attention to all of your body’s feelings. Make your partner want to do it. “O” stands for oxygen, so let yourself and your partner both breathe deeply.

After paying attention to your breath and keeping your eyes open, start using these physical techniques.

Step 4: It’s time to tantra-lize

Remember that Tantra Massage is a type of massage that both stimulates and releases sexual energy. Throughout the massage, be present and pay attention to both your partner’s and your own bodies in order to learn from them.

This is another thing to keep in mind: Tantra Massage often makes chakras move in an intentional way.

Start by massaging the body’s meridians with the following methods.

In your hands, put some warm massage oil. Start with your back. From the bottom of your back to your neck, hit it hard with both hands. Circulate to the back of your body. There should be 30 minutes of warm-up time in the back before moving on to more intimate parts.

On your female friend: The Yoni Blossoming Ritual. Left-hand her heart. Your right hand should be on her yoni (vagina). Connect her heart and yoni by picturing them together.

Massage the perineum: This is a sexy way to do this for both sexes. You should start by massaging under the vagina or scrotum, then work your way up. Do different things to change the pressure and move your hand in circles around the spot.

Sexy chakras: Improve Tantric massage.

A Tantra Massage in tantra London is a good way for people who like each other to learn how to connect with and embody the chakras’ different types of things. A “heart” orgasm, which is linked to air, causes angelic, delicate, and playful love.

Step 5: Check-in with solemnity

After you have a massage, be open to your partner’s feelings and listen to what they say. Make sure you know that in Tantric-massage, you can feel anything you want.

In order to give your partner the best Tantric-massage, you should leave a lot of space for them.