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Glass table tops: Advantages,glass options and maintenance

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Whether it’s side tables,coffee tables,dinning tables,leisure tables,writing desks,office tables,glass can be used as the table tops ,glass table tops is becoming more poplar in decorating your house.Here we introduce the advantages,glass used in glass tables and maintenance guide for your glass table.


Advantages of glass table tops.

  1. Compared with wooden table tops,glass is not affected by the air,it won’t deform due to unsuitable humidity.
  2. Compared with fabric and leather tops,it’s more easy to clean and maintenance,and occupies little space.
  3. Compared with plastic tops,glass is more environmental friendly,no pollution,no emissivity.
  4. Glass itself is more fashion with variety shape,as well as shining appearance,rectangle,oval,irregular shape.
  5. Glass tables is easy to combine with other furniture,the simple and clear lines,transparent visual effects make it stand out

Glass options used in the glass tables:

  1. Classification based on processing:Hot bending glass and tempered glass,laminated glass.

Even though Hot bending glass strength is not good as tempered glass,but the special processing technology makes hot bending glass unlimited shapes and styles.Hot bending glass can be made into small radius,90 degree,double curved glass,which cannot be achieved by tempered glass.

Tempered glass is the most common glass types,it has strong resistance to stress, cold and heat, and impact.The advantages of toughened glass in terms of safety, high strength and thermal stability are not available in float glass. At the same time, its price is not expensive.

Laminated glass is made with 2 piece glass,whether it’s clear float glass or tempered glass,the advantage of laminated glass is,once any piece glass broken,the interlayer will bond the broken pieces to avoid glass collapse,and injury to people.of course its price is relatively higher than same thickness tempered glass as processing is much more complex.

  1. Classification based on glass colors:translucent glass ,translucent glass ,and opaque glass.patterned glass,back painted glass,ceramic frit glass.

Clear float glass,or low iron glass is popular because of its clear appearance.People can easily see through the glass.

Sometimes to compatible with the house overall decoration color tone,body tinted glass is preferred,especially grey tinted glass,bronze glass,green glass, and blue color glass,these colors are usually in dark tone.

  1. For some reason,customers don’t want to use translucent table tops but to select translucent ,and even opaque glass to make it difference,these glass include patterned glass,back painted glass,ceramic frit glass.Especially the ceramic frit glass,with patterns,whether it’s lines,dots ,all make it different.

The glass used as table tops are always with polished edges, pencil polished edges,bevelled edges to make the glass edge shine and safety.Round corners are also available to protect people,and sometimes with holes on it to fix on the base.

Actually glass table tops has very very low maintenance requirement,just keep the glass clean timely.


Glass table maintenance:

  1. If glass get mildewed after long time ,move the table to a well-ventilated place, and an electric iron should be used for 2-3 minutes in a place with mildew stains until the mildew stains disappear.
  2. Wipe glass with a wet towel or newspaper. If you encounter stains, you can wipe it off with a towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar,alcohol,or salt water. You can also use one currently on the market. Special glass cleaning agent.
  3. Avoid hitting or impact the glass corners,glass corners is the weakest point of the the glass.If you got children in home,protect the corner with specialized corner protectors to avoid injury.

DIY your unique glass tables.

Despite purchasing the glass tables directly from your wholesalers or furniture sellers,users can DIY their own glass tables.The core concept of DIY tables is the table base should be strong to support the glass ,absolutely flat to hold to avoid falling down,flexible space and don’t affect legs activity.

Based on above concept,people can use stones,tree stumps,steels tubes,and even oak barrels to DIY their tables,below are some samples you can take as reference.

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