Online slot players playing regularly are conversant with wilds, a symbol that can trigger bonuses and rewards or may lead to more wins by performing several actions. The main objective of introducing wild symbol to the best online pokies is to inject the game with added excitement. They also allow certain level of flexibility.

Wild symbols come loaded with various features:

  1. Stacked


These wild symbols pop up, one on top of the other in a reel to create a section stacked wilds.

  • Every pay line passing through the stack has a high chance of win
  • Stacked wilds are more likely to hit multiple pay lines with each spin

  1. Expanding


Usually come with stacked wilds, the main benefit of expanding wilds is that they can expand on a reel. Certain conditions, like a specific good number of wilds on the reels can trigger the formation of these wilds.

  • Works more or less in a similar fashion as stacked wilds
  • Creates a reel full of wilds to create more winning combinations.
  • Every pay line affected by the wilds will create a winning combination.

  1. Sticky


Very unique in nature, these wilds indicate their presence somewhere in the game and they stay secured for the duration of the next spin.

  • Works same as other regular wilds.
  • Do not essentially create winning combinations, however they can stay put for a consecutive number of spins.

  1. Overlay


These are stacked wilds but are stacked in a specific shape. Usually pop up by chance and land up to take over a different wild symbol in a reel.

  • Can come in different shapes, such as a cross and many more.

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