Some people don’t know, but the fingerprint reader on most cell phones is much more powerful than people think, as it can read practically anything. This means that instead of a fingerprint, a fingerprint from a glove can be read.

Of course, the fingerprint reader can also work with your elbow or with almost any part of the body, so you have to decide for yourself which part of the body you use to unlock your phone. In the cold, it’s normal to wear gloves, and it’s too lazy to remove them to unlock your phone. You are considering that many screens can be used with the glove on. How do we solve this?

You have to add a new footprint with the glove, and it’s that simple

Many of you will know that it is possible to unlock your mobile phone using different titles. Even a cat can unlock an iPhone or Android. The fingerprint reader is more stupid than we think and is not a fingerprint reader, but it can read many surfaces.

The only thing we have to do to unlock the phone using the fingerprint of the glove is:

  • Go to mobile settings and look for the Security section.
  • Depending on your adjustment level, you should now search for Fingerprints or Manage Fingerprints.
  • Once inside, you need to click on Add Fingerprint and use the glove to add a fingerprint while doing the recognition. As simple as that.

Knowing this from, you should know that there are many gloves out there for cell phones. Now that you know this, you can encourage people to fingerprint something or thing that you use to unlock your phone. However, it is not advisable to enter many things as doing so runs the risk of someone unlocking your phone with the same glove.

With this little trick, you no longer have to take off your gloves to unlock the phone.