There’s a whole lot of diversity in the world of vapes, from nicotine e-liquids to dry cannabis flowers, or even concentrate substances like wax or hash oil, vapes can be designed for the consumption of a variety of things. When it comes to enjoying the smooth and potent flavor of a fine concentrate though, you want an atomizer or coils that will do the job right. Vapes offer quite a bit of customizability and it’s often pretty easy to swap out parts for new ones. If you’re going to be starting to puff on concentrates daily though, it’s important to know which is the best vaporizer atomizer for these high THC, oily products.

You have two viable choices when it comes to choosing your new atomizer for concentrates. Quartz and ceramic are the most widely used material for this particular part, and both have their pros and cons. All in all, ceramic takes a slight bit longer to heat up, and can preserve the flavors and aromas of your wax better than quartz can. Because ceramic can withstand such high temperatures, you’ll need to take longer, deeper drags to get a lot of vapor. On the other hand, quartz is known to produce more vapor than ceramic and requires less pull when inhaling to pull off clouds of thick vapor.

Specific parts for vaporizers are best obtained off online stores because you will most easily be able to order exactly what you want. A store is less likely to carry such a wide variety of parts but you might still be able to find something that works for you. One great example of a ceramic atomizer is the Atmos Kiln Attachment. As its name implies, this atomizer is like a little ceramic oven and it’s unbelievable how pure and tasty the vapor it will deliver is. Try and take every chance you get to try out other people’s vapes because you never know when you just may happen to stumble across the best custom vaporizer for your every need.