July 20, 2024

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Why Retaining Customers is so important for a business

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Are you aware that every day you lose a lot of sales opportunities? That you could grow your sales while improving your margin? And especially that your existing customers are the guarantors of the durability of your company? When we know that the conquest of a new customer costs 5 times more than to retain one and that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60% to 70% when selling to a prospect is from 5% to 20%, this question of how to distribute your commercial effort is made answerable in clickfunnels review 2019.

Why Retain?

To increase the “lifetime” of a Customer

On average, a repeat customer is worth 10 times more than their initial purchase. Your customer, in fact, not only has a value at the time of the purchase of his pool, and this, even when the turnover made at that time seems very important. You must consider its value over at least 10 years and start thinking about all the sales opportunities for services and products it offers you during this period: maintenance of its swimming pool, the sale of products and comfort equipment (heating, blanket, and shelter), etc. Make the count; you will be surprised.

Satisfaction and Perceived Quality by the Client

Do you know that 95% of dissatisfied customers do not claim but simply suspend their purchases and that on average companies estimate to lose only 21% of customers because of a bad customer service experience, when in fact it’s 70% of cases? There is indeed a difference between the level of quality that a company offers and that noticed by the client. Why? Because perceived quality is directly dependent on your listening, adapting and customer response abilities. It is not the zero defect of a product (price, quality, ergonomics, efficiency, etc.) that the customer anticipates, but a zero defect in everything that “accompanied” his purchase. Did you know how to make your client’s life easier at all stages of the purchase process (you should think of how to sell on Amazon Canada for proper satisfaction of a client)? What kind of reception was made in store? Was the desired product available, and if not, what did you offer? To prevent it, to deliver it to him? Have you committed to a deadline? Each response to each expectation helps build perceived quality and impacts customer satisfaction.

However, making a client’s life easier also involves clickfunnels pricing structure which does not only keep your customers but also increases and improve your daily sales.