July 20, 2024

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Top 4 Kent Gravity Water Purifiers

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Pure drinking water is one of the fundamental needs for good health, but the presence of impurities makes it harmful for your body. Do you know that the water that reaches your home passes through several stages that could add many impurities to it? So, you cannot use tap water directly for drinking purposes. You need to use a water purifier to purify this water before consuming.

Gravity water purifier is one of the main types of water purifiers that use ultrafiltration technology to purify water and get rid of all harmful microorganisms. It is popular among the masses owing to the fact that is non-electric water purifier. If you are looking for the best gravity water purifiers, Kent offers a lot of choices to meet your various purification needs and budget requirements. Here are your top choices for Kent gravity water purifiers.

Kent Gold

Tap water generally consists of solid impurities, which are hard to get rid of. Kent Gold’s ultrafiltration technology is first of its kind. The hydrophilic ultrafiltration membrane has a pore size of 0.1-micron, which ensures that there are no microorganisms in the water. This ensures that the water you get is safe for consumption.

Kent Smart

Kent Smart is a non-electric water purifier that provides healthy and safe drinking water. If you have installed it at your home, you can stay assured that you will not suffer from diseases caused by impure water.

Kent Smart gravity purifier has been certified by CE. It is available in countertop and wall mountable design. So, you can get it installed as per your preference. It also has a storage tank attached. The purification technology and design of Kent Smart is one of the best and you will certainly appreciate your decision of buying it.

Kent Gold Optima

If you have purchased Kent Gold Optima, you can be sure that you will get water that is totally safe from cyst and bacteria. It doesn’t use any chemicals like chlorine or bromine for the purification process. It has 10 liters of storage capacity. It ensures pure water free from cysts, microbes and bacteria free as it has 0.1 microns pore size. And, the best part is that it is a non-electric water purifier.

Kent Inline Gold

Kent Inline Gold is a wall-mounted purifier. No chemicals are used for the purification process. The UF membrane removes all the impurities from water to make it safe for consumption. Its cutting-edge technology and universal design makes the water purifier ideal for every home. You can fix it anywhere as it is a wall-mounted purifier. It works based on UF technology and has 7 liters capacity for storage.

These are your top choices of gravity-based water purifiers from Kent. The superior purification technologies used in these models are the right ones to ensure a constant supply of purified water safe for consumption.