KumbhMelas are a spiritual assembly that unites mankind on the basis of faith and devotion. KumbhMelas are believed to be held on the planet for thousands of years. The stone inscriptions of different akhadas are a proof for more than 1000 KumbhMelas. This year the Kumbh is back at Praygraj, Allahabad.

KumbhMela captures every Hindu ritual, chanting of mantras, mythological processions, akharas (saints), cultural events and many more. During the KumbhMela, millions of people across the globe visit the fair daily. The crowd is so huge at the mela that it seems like whole India population is gathered at the single place. The integral part of the festival is the sect of sadhus or saints from various places around India. When the KumbhMela starts different sects of sadhus in India will go to the KumbhMela region. For them, this fair is the most important religious festival.

The prime ritual of India that everyone follows is taking spiritual river bath during the full moon day. Makar Sankranti on January 14 will mark the beginning of the festival, is one of the sacred bathing days of the largest human gathering. This day is renowned as the “ShahiSnan” means royal bath. On this day from morning 3:00 A.M people will gather at the godly Ghats and start taking baths in the holy river. It is believed that if they take bath in these sacred river waters during on these auspicious days their sins will be washed out and free from miseries . On this day you can see different types of sadhus taking a dip in waters and completing the ritual. They are very special to this fair. The healing power of this sacred water is immense. The entire space or kshetra is full of positive energy.

 This water, sanctified by these positive energies, becomes amrit or nectar and have a lot of significance.

At the Kumbhmela followers of Hinduism of all paths, rituals, all sects and castes combine with each other. The KumbhMela is appeared by all sadhus and gurus, of all paths. The extreme belief sects, sampradayas of Hinduism:  Ganapathya –  Ganapathi worshippers, Kumara – Skanda devotees, Shakta – Devi devotees, Shaiva – Shiva worshippers, Saura – Surya devotees, Vaisnava – Vishnu worshippers, and Guru – the devotees of the Guru. The Gods of all the traditions are brought here

The KumbhMela is not just a gathering of humanity and mankind; it is a grand spiritual occasion. It is the place of event and the time when human beings can visualize and actualize the power of God. A KumbhMela is the dimensions of Hinduism, providing the whole world a glimpse of the immense possibilities available to mankind.