July 20, 2024

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Role of a Bail Bond Agent

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If you are arrested for a serious crime, then you can only be released if the court is confident that you will be present in all the future hearings and trials of the courts. Bail bonds in Bay Minette will help you to locate and also help you to get in touch with the licensed bonds. A bail bond is nothing but a promise by an insured business or a company to pay the entire amount on your behalf.

Services provided by the Bail Bond Agent-   

  • 24 Hour service, 7 Days a week – They are always ready to help you no matter day or night. Once you will call them, they will begin working at that very moment. These agents are experts in their own field so you can seek help from them anytime you want to.
  • Transportation services available – They will travel to your location for helping you out and if necessary they will provide transportation facility to the person being bonded out. These agents will give you correct advice and proper financial help whenever needed.
  • Expedited service – They understand how desperately you want your loved ones out from the jail so they provide you the fastest service available. Their main goal is to complete the paperwork in the shortest time span.

After signing the bail bond contract

Bail bonds are alike insurance. It’s a promise to the magistrate that the individual who got arrested will appear on the particular date and time assigned by the court. He will also be present at every court hearing. When you sign a bail bond contract, you should oblige to the following steps-

  • Make sure that the defendant attends every court date– No matter you or any of your friend or relative is out from the jail on Bail, it’s the prime duty of the agent to remind the individual to be present in court for hearing.
  • Pay additional fees if the defendant misses a court date – In any circumstances, if the defendant misses their court date, it is the responsibility of the agent to pay additional fees.