July 20, 2024

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Proper Grease Trap Cleaning Service

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Due to health and environmental issues both home and commercial kitchens have grease traps installed in them. These simple but effective attachments help maintain a clean and hygienic environment, something that is very important when working with food in any capacity. Unfortunately, even if used properly and maintained regularly grease traps will eventually become backed up with left over material. This creates clogs that can cripple your kitchen’s drainage system as well as present a variety of health risks to anyone living, working, or eating in proximity. 

For those who don’t know, the grease trap is a simple plumbing fixture that acts as a storage tank, using gravity to filter grease and other food waste out from the water, which continues down the drain. This system prevent contaminates from entering the sewer or septic systems. However, these fixtures need to be cleaned manually otherwise they no longer function creating build up and clogs. 

Obviously, the best solution is to contact a local service that offers grease trap cleaning and removal. While it may be possible to clear a clogged grease trap alone it is not advisable without the proper training. An unskilled amateur fooling around with the pipes can often create a bigger problem while trying to fix a small one. Instead, avoid the hassle and contact a licensed professional to do the job. Not only do they possess the technical knowledge and training to access and clean the filter, they also have the equipment necessary to dispose of grease and food waste in a safe and environmentally conscious way. 
Most professional services use sealed tanker trucks and high-powered vacuums to pump grease traps clean. This prevents dripping and leaking during the removal process and ensures clean transportation to disposal facilities. 

This is very important because excess grease and rotting food eventually forms into a brownish sludge within the grease trap when left too long. Not only is the sludge unpleasant to look at, it is also unhealthy to have anywhere near food or people. Not only is the sludge a breeding ground for bacteria, the nasty odor also attracts cockroaches and other pests. Nothing drives visitors away like the sight of cockroaches skittering about on the floors. 

Grease removal experts aren’t just employed by restaurants either. Hospitals, cafeterias, hotels, and a wide array of other commercial establishments make use of such companies. To contact an expert in your area just try searching grease removal Chicago IL

Leaving a clogged or overfilled grease trap is an unsanitary risk in either in any environment, particularly a restaurant setting. Even if illness does not directly result, the odor and increase in pests can lead to complaints from customers, neighbors, or tenants. It can even result in fines and health code violations. This is why it is so important to have grease traps checked, emptied, and maintained regularly by a qualified service. Consider contacting one today to make sure any problems are identified and taken care of quickly, before they get bigger.