April 18, 2024

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Lingerie As Per Your Taste

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Every woman becomes very choosy when it comes to her clothing in which she will never like to compromise. When it is about their lingerie then they hardly leave any chance to fetch out the quality new lingerie which can make their body look more enhanced. Each woman has different body shape and taste of dressing. You always try to grab the thing which is new in market and can match your style and comfort level as well. But it may be possible that you go to stores and you do not like any new lingerie or got your preferred one.

To go easy and find economical way of buying your lingerie you can prefer buying your favorite lingerie online. In online stores not only you will get sexy lingerie but also you get highlighted lingerie as per your body size. Visit any online store and shop now to fetch out your favorite lingerie.

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Find your body shape and suitable lingerie

You can easily get to know about your body size when you will be shopping online as they will be highlighting your search results with body size as well. For getting right lingerie it is important to grab right one according to your body shape. Listed below are some body shapes along with suitable lingerie for such sized woman:

  • Hourglass: 36-24-36 is the hourglass figure as per thumb rule. If these are your entrails that mean you have hourglass figure. Generally your hips and waist are same size with slander waistline. So try to fetch out lingerie which adds oomph to your hot figure.
  • Suitable lingerie for hourglass: women having such hourglass figure will not get back fire from wearing any lingerie. All the lingerie will surely look good whether it be teddy, garter belt or corset models. You can also prefer fetching out thong with lace bra or high leg panty.
  • Triangle: It is the figure for which many women dream for. Triangle figure means your hip structure is wider than your shoulder.
  • Suitable lingerie for triangle: The attention for this body figure is mainly at hips, if you don’t like this then try something new that grabs attention of your upper body. You can prefer lacey lingerie’s that are tight near breasts. Trying bustier will take out the best you have in your body by supporting your breasts and will distribute attention. You can also try ruffles bra that will create an illusion.
  • Rectangle: This figure includes the women who have everything of them in straight figure, no defined curve. Their shoulder, hip and bust are almost in same alignment.
  • Suitable lingerie for rectangle: Corsets is going to be a great option for such figured women. It will give them the needed curves which will make them look sensuous. If you have long torso then you can go with option of teddy or garter belt. You can prefer the use of push type lingerie which will define the bigger bustline in you.