July 20, 2024

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Eyesight and Cannabis: The Relation for Improvement Eyesight

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Eye problems are the common problem that people usually go through once in their life. Nowadays where we are living in the world of internet everyone is supposed to spend time in front of computers and cell phones like gadgets. These affect a lot your eyes that ultimately affect the eyesight. Medical Cannabis according to the study proved that it is the perfect choice for enhancing the eyesight. There is a great relationship between this magical plant and our eyesight.

Glaucoma– People who suffer from glaucoma experience the intraocular pressure and cannabis helps in reducing that pressure to the most extent. It is the degenerative disease that affects the optic nerve. For three to four hours THC present in the marijuana plant helps in reducing the IOP (intraocular pressure). In the past decades, it is found in the research that THC receptors are present in our eyes and the psychoactive cannabinoid helps in saving the optic nerve cells via the neuroprotective mechanism.

Vision Loss– Cannabis decelerates the vision loss. THC is found to protect the inner layer of the retina and is very effective in the treatment of RP (retinitis pigmentosa) a genetic degenerative eye disease. Cannabis as the solution for treating the degenerative disease is already proved in the treatment of Parkinson’s, stroke and diabetes like health issues.

Night Vision– When the cannabis results came from many sides, it is proved that cannabis, when taken in a tincture, helps in improving the night vision. Even the positive results are also seen in the blind cases, a blind journalist experienced the instant vision after smoking the strong cannabis flower like the 150-watt bulb lightened.

Visual Processing In Brain– It’s all the working strategy of the brain to make you see clearly and exactly. Cannabis has the impact on the visual processing in the brain. Babies exposed to cannabis in the womb are studied further to have the better vision. But using cannabis for such purpose without any doctor’s consultation is the wrong way out that can result in the negative effects. Every part of the marijuana plant that is seed, flower, root, and leaves are used nowadays for the treatments of various medical ailments.

This is all about the magical plant that can help you in your eye care, but some of the points should be considered while dealing with the eyes daily. Washing eyes with the clean water and using the UV protected glasses while going out in sunlight can help you in maintaining the eye health. Eyes are the important organ that we sometimes ignore and get connected with the various related problems. Especially women who love their eyes sometimes ignore the care of it and apply makeup that harm their eyes, it is very important to wash away the makeup before going to bed and using the natural products for the eyes. Always make sure that you should not stress your eyes by sitting in front of computers and cell phones, relax your eyes by leaving the area after every few minutes or hours.